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   Gain weight upto 4 to 10* kgs in 1 month

Are you unsatisfied with your body?
Do you feel ashamed  in front of your friends,relatives and others because of low weight?

In today’s world if people with much weight are suffering from problem likewise skinny people also suffer the same. 
Their can be many reasons for less weight such as

  • Infection in stomach,
  • Weak Liver,
  • Low Immunity,
  • No Blood Formation,
  • Improper eating habits etc.

But now u need not to worry as Shraman Health Care is here to solve your problem.

With the experience of 60years, our team has made special ayurvedic medicines with no side effects that can help you gain weight upto 4 -10* kgs in a month. Our medicines include herbs like Ashavganda, Shetavar, Safed Musli,Loh bhasam,Faulad bhasam, Salab mishri, Shilajeet, Silver grains etc which are purely natural and will increase your immunity. You need to do  a course of 90 days which will help you to increase your weight.

Along with the medicines some other precautions are also to be taken such as

  • Avoid fried and junk food,
  • Proper workout,
  • Avoid intake of Citrus fruits.


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